Monday, June 6, 2011

Restarting-One Week at a time

So I haven't been around for a looooong time! Things have been crazy busy being in school and two jobs will do that to a girl! This blog is very important to me, it is a goal for me personally to show that  I can stay on track with things, plus its part of my bucket list. So I wanna get to it back on track since I'm no longer in school (more about that latter) and will hopefully be able to make the time for it. So my plan is to do 7 days in one blog until I'm caught up. I will get all the pictures organized because I haven't stopped taking them and post them in one blog, with a brief story but nothing to long. My goal is to try to have this all done by Sunday. I have a long work week, but I really want to try and get this going again! So bear with me and enjoy the ride of my life since February 20th all in a few short blogs!

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